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Chunks and Vadiya

Chunks like soya chunks are rich in protein and fiber and low in fat.

It can be added to many dishes like curries, pulao etc to make it more nutritious. 

Badi or Vadiya are made from different dals/ pulses with spices added to it. It is then dried under the sun.

It is very nutritious and increases the taste of food in which it is added.

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Nutrela Mini chunks 50g

₹ 10.00 ₹ 9.60

Nutrela Soya Chunks, 200g

₹ 45.00 ₹ 43.00

Nutrela Soya Chunks, 50g

₹ 10.00 ₹ 9.60

Nutrela Mini chunks 200g

₹ 45.00 ₹ 43.00

Ragh Moong Badi, 200g

not match
₹ 80.00 ₹ 48.00

Raghu ji Urad Badi, 200g

not match
₹ 80.00 ₹ 48.00

Nutrela Soya chunks 300g

₹ 40.00 ₹ 38.00